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We are a group of parents acting on behalf of some 50 families and 70 children seeking to improve the safety of children traveling to school from Cowbridge Comprehensive (Lower school) to Talbot Green bus station.  All of the group have children who were on the Ystradowen school bus when it crashed on 3rd December 2002 killing 12yr old Stuart Cunningham-Jones.

Because Stuart died innocently and through no fault of his own, we are determined to address the many issues and gaps in public policy that have come to light following the accident.  This campaign therefore we have named in honor of Stuart’s memory.

BUSK, who celebrate their 10th Anniversary this year, are giving their full backing to this campaign, and have achieved much in improving the safety of school children on the journey to school.  The founder of BUSK, Pat Harris said “BUSK will work with Ystradowen parents to ensure that they are properly represented both legally and in national discussions.  BUSK have long held the view that overcrowding buses with more children than the seating capacity is not safe and have argued the case with Government Ministers.  Regulations are in place to control the transportation of livestock.  There are no such regulations in place for children.  It could be said that cattle are more important than children.”

(To find out more about BUSK e-mail them at buskuk@aol.com).

Our children put their trust in adults to keep them safe and we feel, as adults, we are failing them.  The precise causes of the crash are subject to legal proceedings and cannot therefore be commented on at this stage.  However, there are general issues that need to be addressed, which are incorporated in the groups Constitution.

If you feel you can contribute to, or wish to know more about the Campaign, then please
contact us either by letter or e-mail as shown below :-

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